Seven Dead Gods

Seven Dead Gods

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Pleased to announce my first full-length novel “Seven Dead Gods”. Check back later for additional updates regarding release date for the complete work, content previews, and individual chapter releases.

Decades after the fall of all empires, a single bastion of civilization clings in the desert. With no shamans, no queen, and only an irascible old general for direction, it is easy to fall into such age-old occupations as oppressing the weak, bullying the poor, and stealing from your neighbors. Such is the will of the gods, is it not?

Pyre has been a devoted student of the seven gods all her life. At 19, she faces her final trial before reaching the most esteemed rank of holy servant—sure beats herding sheep or fending off jackals with little more than a hand-me-down knife. One day, she may even join her mother in collecting the tithe… For the glory and honor of Ohenywaa, of course.

But when, against all odds, she fails, events are set in motion that may not be easily undone. The Visitor threatens to topple an entire way of life, an actual divine revelation shocks certain partisan figures into open rebellion, and Pyre—well, if they won’t let her in one way, she’ll find another. Whatever it takes.

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