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Abigail E. Sims

Since space pirate, traveling swordsman, and dragon-tamer-for-hire are no longer reliable paths to job security, Abigail has settled for wordsmith. After graduating from college in 2017, she tried on an array of professional hats that included writing for stage and screen, marketing, and, briefly, horseback riding. Today, she lives and works in Austin, Texas, where she splits her time between marketing wizardry and spinning stories of the wild, wicked, and wyrd.

Her work has appeared at Rusty Scythe Publishing, The Modern Cultural Reject, and Houston Baptist University.

Fun facts about Abigail:

  • Trains and competes in Western Martial Arts. (Read as: Swords.)
  • Has two snails named Scylla and Charybdis.
  • Will always want to see a picture of your cat.