Eye to the Telescope, Issue 48

So incredibly thrilled and honored to share that my work appears in Issue 48 of Eye to the Telescope, a quarterly journal of speculative poetry produced by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association. This publication is a dream come true.

The issue’s theme? Fungi. 🍄

The work? “An Invitation to the Decomposition Party”.

Special shout-out to guest editor Avra Margariti, who is actually how I found out about the opportunity in the first place. I saw her call for mushroom-related poetry on Twitter—and I’ve never dropped what I was doing to submit to something so fast in my life. Thanks for also loving mushrooms, Avra!

Check out the complete issue here.

Neuro Magazine, Issue 04

New stuff, hot off the press! It’s always so fun to have a piece find a home within the first couple of submissions, and see work in print that you wrote within the last year. (As opposed to something from 5-6 years ago that’s been through multiple lives and a long and arduous submission journey.)

And so, without further ado, I am pleased to share that “A Warning About Beginnings; Which I Will Invariably Disregard with Pomp and Aplomb”, appears in the fourth issue of Neuro Magazine.

Check it out on page 17 here!

Suburban Witchcraft, Spring 2023

Thrilled to share that my short story “The Children of Stonemasons” appears in Issue Four of Suburban Witchcraft! This publication is particularly sentimental for me, since I’ve legitimately been working on this story since college. I wrote the first draft on the winter break of my Sophomore year, after reading Catherynne Valente’s In the Cities of Coin and Spice for the first time. It lay around in my drafts and discard folders for ages, in a liminal state between complete abandonment and much-needed editing.

I ran across it again last year and gave it the love it needed to go out into the world, and well, the rest is history.

So, enjoy this blast from the past!

Read it now on page 118!

Bloodbathhate Magazine, September 2022

Pleased to be featured in the inaugural issue of bloodbathhate! “A love letter from Charybdis” (mine), appears about halfway down the page, so be sure to check out all the stellar work before and after. “The last supper at a strip club” by LE Francis and “the cynic’s love song to indifference” by Phoenix Tesni. Lots of talent showcased here, worth a quick scroll.

Read Issue 1 of bloodbathhate here.

Art also from this issue of bloodbathhate by Chloe Coblentz.

Black Moon Magazine, July 2022

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Latest work out is in Black Moon Magazine, a deep dark mag dedicated to the experimental and experiential. I can’t say it better than the editors, who write of their mission, “art should transcend the limitations of the surface and carry purpose”. A lofty goal, and one delivered on in this collection of stirring fiction, poetry, art, and prose. Check out the full issue for free online here, or peruse the Black Moon further.

My work appears on page 10, I guess. Check out “Cumulonimbus; Or the High Plains”.

86 Logic, Issue 07

Aaaand we’re back, with a “a BAM and POW! that makes the pages turn at lightspeed”, according to the fine folks at 86 Logic. I’m super excited about this particular journal, and not just because, well, I got a thing in it. 86 Logic is a journal dedicated to the work of artists in the service industry, whether past, present, or (presumably) future. For every poet who’s dreamed lyrical limericks over a mountain of dishes, or novelist who’s written a book about the inner life they imagined for That One Customer: This one’s for us.

Seriously, it’s a really cool thing they’re doing over there. Go check it out.

My work’s in Issue 7. Read Behind Burning Glass here.

Gris-Gris, Winter/Spring 2022

Pleased and so honored to share that my recent work “The Hunt” appears in the Winter/Spring 2022 issue of Gris-Gris! This is such a powerful issue, with stirring contributions like “Famuli after Sappho” by Ann Huang, “IS HOW, THE SAILBOATS” by K.B. Pitzer, and so many more. Don’t miss the chance to page through and take a journey into the strange and Southern world of this year’s Gris-Gris journal.

Read “The Hunt” here.

Mausoleum Press, Issue 02: Coven

What’s dark, twisted, and just a little bit rotten and wretched under the bark? A poetry ‘zine around the theme of the coven, of course. In this release from Mausoleum Press, dive into the black, bitter, hearts of women and witches, and see what’s growing under last-year’s varnish. Lots of great work in here; don’t miss “Fragments; November”, by Aishwarya Khale, and “Stray V” by Kerry Trautman. My piece “Every morning, my stillbirth” closes out this collection on page 23.

Check it out!

The Garfield Lake Review, 2021

Discovered an interloper in my mailbox this afternoon! The 2021 edition of The Garfield Lake Review is stunning, thanks in no small part to a gorgeous oil painting cover by Abigail Licht titled, “Despair”. Lots of great prose and poetry in here as well alongside the visual art, including meditations on quarantine, the impact of COVID-19 on families and individuals, and the struggles of coming of age in a world defined by dualities. My contribution, “In My Father’s Woodshed”, appears on page 121.

View the online edition here.