Lament for the Marketer

Lament for the Marketer

(With apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien. See also: Lament for the Rohirrim.)

Where now the MQLs and the SQLs? Where is the ad that was running?
Where is the backlink and the keyword, and the bright CTA converting?
Where is the brand in the market, and the USP differentiating?
Where is the CPL and the CPC and the go-to-market strategizing?
They have passed like leads into Salesforce, like Slacks into threads;
The emails have gone down in the inbox, behind the spam, into shadow.
Who shall gather the clicks of the email nurture running,
Or behold the flowing prospects from the CRM returning?

Photo by Adilet Asilbekov on Unsplash.

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